1. A photoset from Artcore! Find more great wallpapers, icons and goodies at http://blog.artcore-illustrations.de/

  2. Introducing ‘Focus’ Tumblr theme!

    A responsive, portfolio-esq template, serving content specific to your visitors screen resolution. Perfect for showing off your portfolio on the go, or super large screens.

    My reply was a quick thrust which left me but three antagonists and I can assure you that they were worthy of my metal. They had me backed against the wall in no time, fighting for my life. Slowly I worked my way to a corner of the room where I could force them to come at me only one at a time, and thus we fought upward of twenty minutes; the clanging of steel on steel producing a veritable bedlam in the little room.

  3. Another fine wallpaper from the folks at Artcore. Bear Wallpaper is available from http://blog.artcore-illustrations.de/wallpaper/

  4. Now with Pre & Code Support!

    Let’s just test something here: ::last-child: Seems to work!

    What about another test?

        * Syntax Highlights - Prettify *
        function foo()
            if (counter <= 10)
            // it works!


  5. I just downloaded it, have spent 2 mins in it, and love it already. The suggested code insights alone are awesome!

    Matt Hill expressing his joy at finding Sublime Text 2! I have to agree, its wonderful.